Since EBE1's soul is blacker than the blackest black times infinity, I know he'd appreciate me posting this here. So one of my comics if finally out in print! You guys might remember me working on a short story on and off called, 'Roadside'. It's in the Gothology: The Eternal Sad, an anthology of Goth comics. It can be purchased here:


Dentist Art

I was pretty doped up on Novocaine and pain killers in the waiting room at the dentist's office so these aren't really amazing.

The top two drawings are a diptych I want to do for the artbook with the Reptoids as pirates and the Greys as fops. Tone is going to be wearing a dapper little sailor suit. This pleases me.

On the bottom left are some crappy portraits and on the right are some doodles of Hue and his Dog (capital 'D' since I guess that's his name). Dog is a wall-eyed spaniel retriever mix. I don't think Shade cared for him very much.

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 I'd like to personally thank Astra and Sere for being total sweethearts and working the forum into something people can play on 8 ) I've been under the weather, but if you see them in Mogulus, thank them for the hard work placed into the forum!

Thanks a MILLION to Emy for allowing us to be mega nerds and RP. I hope you all put on your best behaviour and be respectful! 

I'd like to thank finally, all you guys who are getting into this 8 ) I hope we managed to have fun and learn while we're at it! (God, I sound lame don't I?)

So go forth and make profiles and just start posting! It'll be a bit slow I suspect at first, and I probably won't actually post more than profiles until this weekend, but take this chance to feel around!